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We would like to thank Jamie and Clint of Butterballbullies for the opportunity to be able to own such a special girl.  We couldn't ask for a better pup in Big Momma and she has settled into her new home quickly.  What we like about this "Pick Female" besides her phenomial pedigree is that she has the total look we want in a Bordeaux. Her mother who is a daughter of Champion Tyrannus Hijacked by Emberez is an awesome female with great substance and headtype.  Her father Rowdy is son to Bakervill's Style Valton, one of the largest Temple Felson sons.  He has a powerful,  athletic body and great rear angulation. We also love his dark red color, huge bone, and unique headtype. Big Momma is currently weighing over 36lbs. at the start of 3 months old she has a huge wide and deep chest to go with her powerful body.  Her bone size is very impressive as well as her big head covered in wrinkles. She has strong genetics and favors her mother's side of the peidgree which is why we picked this specific female but we really love her father: Rowdy as well. We are looking forward to special things out of her in the show ring.
Birthdate - 10/14/2011

We really love this little girl we happen to stumble across while researching pedigrees.  This female is going to be a huge assest to our  program in the future.  Her father is Godsend Van de Paterhoek and her mother Tinkerbelle is a grandaughter to Ch. White-Bulldog Paris.  We always wanted to add the White-Bulldog bloodlines to our program and now we have it along with some Tanakajd Szepe; combined with a little bit of Toezz and Van de Paterhoek in the pedigree also.  Bianca is an athletic red female who has nice height to her and a face to die for. She is currently weighing 107lbs. at 20 months old and is 24.5 inches at the withers. Though feminine in look, she has very good bone that has stayed big in diameter while she continues to grow in height. We really like her headtype and amount of wrinkles on her face.  She brings a different style to our program with our females in that she is going to be a taller type of Bordeaux with an athletic and rangy built. Still as she reaches adulthood she should posess the substance and power that Big Momma has as well.  She may very well be the steal of our program here at Imperial Bordeaux, stay tuned!!
Birthdate - 8/13/2011




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